Audio: Yelawolf – Heart Of Dixie (This Ain’t No F***in’ Mixtape) (Album)


Shady Records’ Alabama spitter, Yelawolf, is back. Fresh off a slew of tour dates and more shows on the way, he unleashes a brand new anti-mixtape, dubbed Heart Of Dixie.

The new project is produced entirely by Alabama beatmaker M16, and hosted/mixed by Alabama’s DJ Frank White. It boasts 10 original tracks, and according to Yelawolf, is just the first of a string of projects coming this year.

During an interview on Shade 45 recently, the rapper revealed that, at least, two more projects are in the works and coming before the end of the year — one being a collaborative album with Travis Barker called Psycho White, and another is the next installment of the Trunk Muzik series, entitled Trunk Muzik Returns.

Yela called the forthcoming projects the new way he plans to do things. After admitting to comprising on his debut, Radioactive, he said he’s taking it back to the basics.

“Back to Trunk Muzik,” he declared. “I’ve never been one to hold my tongue. That’s just where I’m at. So, I’m putting out music the way the f*** I wanna put it out now, and making music exactly how I want to do it.”

At press time, release dates for the forthcoming projects were unknown.

However, Heart Of Dixie is out now. Download it over at

Below is the final Tracklist for Heart Of Dixie:
1. “Howdy”
2. “Let Me Out”
3. “Be The One”
4. “Big Nutz”
5. “White Boy Sh**”
6. “F*** Me”
7. “Sobriety Sucks”
8. “Out My Face”
9. “Father’s Day”
10. “Wrap Song”


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