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Video: The World’s Biggest Urban Zipline

Extreme filmmaker and YouTube sensation Devin Graham, aka Devin Supertramp, took to Panama City to test the world’s largest urban zip line. Starting atop a 700-foot tall building, a group of fearless aerialists began their descent attached to a 10,000-foot long zip line, but the shock comes when the first lets go of his safety clip to freefall to the ground. This was all a part of the plan however, as each of them promptly opened a parachute to land safely on the ground. Scored to “The Chosen” by Scott & Brendo, Graham filmed this stunt with a RED Dragon, Phantom Miro and GoPro Hero 3+ for an array of stunning visuals.

Video: Streets – New York City

STREETS – NEW YORK CITY from Tim Sessler on Vimeo.

Tim Sessler and his crew took to the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens with a Freefly TERO to capture a stunning visual of the enchanting city at its best. In the video, we are taken on a journey through the city at different times of day as the crew captures the various goings-on of the people who call it home. From the early hours of the morning showing deserted streets, to hot summer day buffoonery with water guns, to America’s favorite pastime, the video personifies what New York City is about. Check out the video above.

Video: Fuck, That’s Delicious [Episode 3]

Action Bronson returns with the third episode of “Fuck, That’s Delicious.” In the latest video, the Queens rapper travels to London and Liverpool eating everything from the best pork buns in the world, to London’s best bagel spot, lamb chops to what Bronson coins as “white trash bruschetta.” He leaves one of his shows mid-concert and walks the streets shirtless looking for some chicken. No joke. Sit back and watch the episode now.

Video: Stealing Yeezys From a Homeless Man

While the previous outing might not have been exactly our bag, the creator of the wildly popular “Yoga Pants Prank” video questions public morality with a poignant, and extremely relevant, new video. fouseyTUBE‘s latest finds the internet personality strategically placing a pair of Yeezys conspicuously on the ground, posing as a homeless person beside the pair. Ostensibly, the coveted kicks could have well been the man’s only belongings, posing passerby sneakerheads with a moral dilemma. Though somewhat sensational, watch as the story unfolds in the above video, which is a humbling portrait of the true ‘price’ of materialism and the daily challenges between doing right and doing wrong.