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Video: Stealing Yeezys From a Homeless Man

While the previous outing might not have been exactly our bag, the creator of the wildly popular “Yoga Pants Prank” video questions public morality with a poignant, and extremely relevant, new video. fouseyTUBE‘s latest finds the internet personality strategically placing a pair of Yeezys conspicuously on the ground, posing as a homeless person beside the pair. Ostensibly, the coveted kicks could have well been the man’s only belongings, posing passerby sneakerheads with a moral dilemma. Though somewhat sensational, watch as the story unfolds in the above video, which is a humbling portrait of the true ‘price’ of materialism and the daily challenges between doing right and doing wrong.

Pics From Saturday’s Invasion of Stoner Skate Plaza [6/28/14]

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Video: 8-Bit Vesrion of Kill Bill (Vol.1 & 2)

CineFix’s ongoing video series, “8-Bit Cinema” gets a new installment. This time around it’s for Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 and 2004 revenge slasher, “Kill Bill.” Watch in 8-bit glory as Beatrix Kiddo wreaks havoc on her ex-assassin comrades before finally taking out Bill with the infamous five point palm exploding heart technique.

Skate Video: God of Mischief – Subway Skating


Video footage has recently surfaced in Colin Read’s independent skate video, “Tengu, God of Mischief”. Skating by Piro Sierra, Connor Kammerer, Justin Clady, Tommy St. Germain, Cooper Winterson, Bill Pierce, Leo Valls, Alex Davis, Eby Ghafarian, Allen Ying, TJ Sparks, and Koki Loaiza. Original music, made entirely of subway sounds, by Jacob Ireland. Cover photo by Allen Ying.

Video: Guerlain Chicherit Attempts World’s Longest Car Jump

Rally driver Guerlain Chicherit recently attempted to break the world record for longest ramp car jump. Equipped with multiple GoPro cameras, the gripping clip shows “one man confronting his own mortality, and ultimately experiencing a moment of what we can only describe as grace”. This video is serious! Watch to see what happens.

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Video: Action Bronson ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’ Episode 2


Action Bronson‘s daredevil antics extend into the culinary realm in the latest installment of his web series Fuck, That’s Delicious. On today’s episode, you enter Queens bomber’s lab as he does the prep-work for what seems to be shaping up as a formidable discourse in backyard BBQ from the former chef. Midway through his cilantro chop and lime-roll, we find burly Bronson reminiscing about a trip he made down 95 for a medley of Caribbean and Southern delicacies, literally ordering the menu at Clive’s of Miami and smashing a face-sized chip-wich as a palette cleanser for what might have been the mightiest chicken and biscuit sandwich this foodie’s ever seen at a North Carolina late-night diner.

He topped it all off with not one, but two unconventional cheesesteaks from Philly’s Paesano’s, but the coup de gras comes as Bronsolinio takes us back into his own kitchen for a peek into his guacamole and grill game. Its another hazy stroll through the impressive culinary wits of music’s most devout and impartial consumer of deliciousness. You can peep the episode in its entirety below.