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Audio: Rich Medina 1.26.15 Mix

Rich Medina's Playlist "13 Joints" for "Chris Ofili: Night and Day" by New Museum on Mixcloud

Those of you familiar with the New Museum in Manhattan know that it’s become a hub for inventive, avant-garde art. In honor of their “Chris Ofili: Night and Day” exhibit, which runs currently through February 1st, the art center commissioned Rich Medina to make a new mix that fit the mood. Wild and colorful with an emphasis on funk, Medina’s mix is a perfect sonic counterpart for Ofili’s bright, Afrocentric paintings, with cuts from Fela Kuti, Jimi Hendrix, Earth Wind and Fire anchoring it all.

Video: Welcome To The Trap (Ep. 1 & 2)

Following their “Chiraq” series, VICE heads to Atlanta for a series called “Welcome To The Trap,” in which they explore the subcultures that influence the regional Hip-Hop movements. In the first episode (of 10), host Thomas Morton meets up with stick-up boy Curtis Snow, who explains what “the trap” is all about. Later, he visits the iconic Patchwerk Studios to catch up with Black Mafia Family’s Bleu Davinci. In part 2 (below), he hits infamous strip Club Magic City to catch up with Migos.

Video: Anthony Bourdain Loves Him Some In-N-Out Burger

Popular American chef/TV personality Anthony Bourdain is from New York City and knows food. When he visits Los Angeles, among all the world-class eateries, he says his favorite restaurant is In-N-Out Burger. In a recent video, shot by The Taste producers Kinetic Content, Bourdain extolls the virtues of California’s most beloved fast-food chain, explaining why it’s burgers are perfection on a bun. He declares it his “favorite restaurant in Los Angeles,” adding “a city with many fine restaurants, by the way.”

Video: Action Bronson x Alchemist x B-Real – ‘The SmokeBox’

Action Bronson and Alchemist stepped into The Smokebox to hit the high notes and chop it up with B-Real on his hit web-series. It was about as focused of a discussion as you would expect from some the game’s most seasoned air blessers locked in a haze-filled whip, littered with talk of their favorite strains and shoutouts to their providers. They did manage to stumble their way into discussing some of the topics you actually wanted to hear a word on. They touched on Bronson’s fascination with wrestling, which he chalks up to his Grandfather, who was a bare-knuckled brawler in his day. They also waxed nostalgic on some of their most cherished bag-copping routines with Bronson chiming in on how he used to take the trip up to Washington Heights to grab dubs of Sour. The duo of legendary rhyme-sayers and the prolific producer managed to touch on upcoming projects, giving us the feeling that the long-awaited major label debut from Bronson will be arriving sooner than we had all once imagined, and Alan The Chemist might have another outing with Oh No as Gangrene in the works. Watch Action Bronson and Alchemist get lit with B-Real on The Smokebox.