Video: Rakim – The Definition of a Classic [Documentary]


There must be a reason why sneaker companies always think Rakim when it comes to branding their “classic” product. We’re sure you’re all very familiar with those reasons but nevertheless, the Reebok-sponsored mini-documentary Rakim: The Definition of a Classic is a must-see (not least because of the dope olds chool footage). The God himself as well as publicist OG Bill Adler, DJ Premier and Noah Callahan-Bever reflect on Ra’s legendary status and what it was that elevated him forever into the realms of indisputable classic. Read one of our favorite Primo quotes from the film below and watch the whole thing after the jump.

“When we saw them we were like: ‘They look just like the record!’ The jewelry, the jackets, the mean face, the big, fat sideburns – them pork chop sideburns that Rakim had – he looked like what we were hoping he was gonna look like.”


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