How to start a blog in 2020

This guide How to start a blog in 2020 will let you understand and familiar with basic things required to set up a blog with all optimizations. Optimization means I will adhere to the norms given by internet researcher and search engine giants which should make the blog search engine friendly. Making a search engine friendly or SEO blog should be the aim of every blogger who is learning and gaining knowledge.

During write up of this article, I am keeping in mind that different visitors will have a different level of basic and for this, I have hyperlinked the terms which I think some users must read before completing this guide for the proper concept. so it’s my request to you to read at least the hyperlinked pages if you have any confusion while scrolling down this article.

Before proceeding, I must be confident enough that you have a basic concept of what is a domain and Webhosting. Also, You must read about different blogging platforms. Currently, WordPress is the most preferred choice of blogging platform widely used for tons of cons which you can see here. So this guide will be about the WordPress platform. You may learn any blogging platform but without learning WordPress blogging will be incomplete. Once you have started using WordPress you will love it to a point that u don’t need to look after for any alternative

Buying a domain name

The first step for the blogging journey is acquiring a domain name. It is the website address where your blog will sit and people will visit your blog using this domain name. You have to choose your domain name wisely as this will be like your brand. Here is a guide on how to choose a domain name.

After choosing the right domain you have to purchase the domain name. As millions of domains are bought every day you may not get your preferred choice of domain and here is a guide on how to get domain names even if the domain of choice is unavailable.

Domain can be bought from various web hosting companies. basically all web hosting companies provide domain services along with hosting. However you should select the best for numerous reasons. Most bloggers create affiliate links from their writings to the domain purchaser website to earn a commission. You may see this in many blogs pointing to domain purchaser websites.

I personally prefer GoDaddy and Namecheap and why you should select top-level domain providers please read here. So let’s start with GoDaddy, domain buying steps are almost the same no matter from where you are buying.

Open either directly or by google search, Godaddy will lead to their site for your country where you can find your local languages and currency.

How to start a blog
you can see as I have opened GoDaddy from India it will lead to .in.GoDaddy. You can set local languages like Hindi in India in Godaddy

Now put the desired name in the box and hit the search button, It will show whether your domain name is available or not with your desired TLD( whether .com, .org, net or anything you like). Even if you don’t put the desired domain extension Godaddy will show you all available extensions

How to start a blog
Put your domain with extension and hit the search button

I have searched the domain name and you can see from the below image that the domain I am searching is unavailable as I have already bought it. However, you can see a suggestion of available domains.

Click Added to cart and then continue to cart as shown in below image in 1 and 2

Click continue to cart

In the next step, two options will be selected by default as shown in the image below marked as 1 and 2. in 1 select no thanks as you don’t want email service as of now and in 2 select no to hosting. we will select hosting later on. After click continue to cart marked as 3.

In the next step, you have to create an account if u don’t have an account in GoDaddy. you can also login using facebook provided you have an email added to your Facebook account. create account or login using facebook and pay the domain price using a credit card/ debit card. By Default GoDaddy selects two years for domain price, You can select one year. payment options are different to you location and GoDaddy supports almost all regional payment options

Pointing a domain

You have just bought a domain and you want to use this domain for your website right? This is very simple. As soon as you buy a domain through Godaddy or Namecheap or any other good domain provider the domain comes or shows in the domain control panel of the provider’s client area. The most important parameter in the domain control panel is name servers. name servers are the servers that basically control a domain. name servers contain DNS records for that particular domain. Records are the specification of a domain that can be altered under the DNS zone. There are so many records for a domain like A record, Cname, Txt record, Mxt record, etc. Details of domain record can be read here

Every shared hosting provider gives name servers which you have to use in the domain control panel so that the domain points to that hosting. please read what is web hosting here. If you already own a web hosting you can enter hosting provided name servers inside the domain control panel. here is how.

If you don’t have hosting follow this step.

Go to GoDaddy login using your account credentials created while buying the domain and navigate to my products and domain, here you will see your purchased domain. Click on the domain and scroll to the bottom and click manage DNS

In the name server section click change and put the two name servers carefully in the box and save it. It may take some time for changes taking effect.

Choosing a web hosting for blog

This is the most important and point to be noted while reading how to start a blog in 2020. Because Webhosting is the power and juice to your blog. web hosting will serve the files to different visitors, it will perse commits and give output to users in pure Html. It should be fast enough to consider these aspects. Again I suggest you study the basics of web hosting here and proceed with this section.

Best web hosting to start a blog in 2020

There are so many web hosting companies in 2020 and you have to buy the optimal web host to start a blog in 2020. website addresses are increasing heavily day by day and because of this internet traffics are increased and resources of web servers are also compromised, More and more reseller companies are marketing for web hosting, basically, they are using some big company’s server and sharing this to lots of customers. In starting you can use shared hosting with Cpanel. Once your blog hits by traffic you can switch to managed WordPress hosting, cloud hosting VPS or dedicated server. You should have a clear idea of hosting and here is a nice information.

Get a Webhosting account

After choosing the right web hosting you have to purchase their hosting service by getting an account, No matter what company you choose all shared hosting providers give u Cpanel or whm for easy management of hosting. here I will show you shared hosting account creation in godaddy.

navigate to Hosting of godaddy you will see different webs hosting plans with an offer for long term purchase. For the test, I will purchase a low plan with one-month validity. refer to the image.

start a blog in 2020
select a plan and click add to cart

Select one year with no site backup and no SSL below. Please refer to the image for illustration. Webhosting companies by default make these options like backup, SSL which we don’t need at all at starting. We have lots of free options which we will speak afterward.

start a blog in 2020

Purchase with the payment option of your preferences and the hosting should show inside your member area. Under my products and then services

Accessing and managing your hosting account

To manage your hosting account follow the menu inside your client area. click setup as shown in the image, If you have already purchased a domain from GoDaddy you can see an option to link that domain in your hosting which is very easy. If you wish to add another domain from another domain provider you can also select it.

click setup
start a blog in 2020
Option 1 is for domain already under your account and option 2 is for adding other domains which is not in your account. So it’s easy to add a domain if your domain and hosting provider is the same.

In the next step select the data center location which is close to your visitors and then selects either install WordPress now or no thanks. we can install anything later on. Once you select everything as required setup will take some time and you can see the dashboard as given in the image below.

start a blog in 2020
this is the dashboard with a domain attached

Installing WordPress from Cpanel

You can install WordPress from your Cpanel easily. WordPress is the CMS and base of widely used blogging platforms. There are different methods of installing WordPress in different environment which is discussed in another section wordpress

Go to Cpanel admin and scroll down to software and click installatron application installer. installing WordPress by using Cpanel and application installer some steps are automatic and as a learner, you must keep this automatic installation. database setup, directory setup, etc are done automatically

start a blog in 2020

Go to Apps for content management and click WordPress

Click install this application. You can read important points there and also see a live demo what WordPress is.

Click install this application

In next screen you will see installation domain and folder, keep empty the folder and as you are going to install in your root domain.

how to start a blog

This is an important step as the backend password to access your blog and email setting can be entered here. If you forgot your password this email will recover it.

how to start a blog

Scroll Down and click install. Other settings let it be to default. You can confirm installation progress by this window

Once finished you will see below options

Here in the above image marked as 1, you can see the installed website URL. In 2 you will see the URL to manage your WordPress backend. And in 3 marked sections you can uninstall, backup or clone the current WordPress installation in the domain.

What we have learned

In this tutorial, we have learned the following points to start a blog in 2020. I hope after reading this your question How to start a blog in 2020 will no longer be a question.

How to pick a domain?

we have learned how to pick a domain here

How to choose Webhosting?

Also, we came to know how to choose Webhosting for blog

How to install WordPress

here we have discussed how to install WordPress

Conclusion of how to start a blog in 2020

So you have finished this article and at this point, you can confidently say how to start a blog in 2020. To start a blog we need a domain name, to manage the blog we need WordPress and to engine WordPress we need Webhosting. All these points are discussed above and shown with uillustartion using godaddy as the domain and hosting provider.

In a different section of this blog, I will show you how to manage WordPress using its backend and smoothing the blog by utilizing various tools.

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