What is a Blog

In 21st century every age group of people are accustomed to the internet and it has been seen that even a newborn gets attracted to mobile devices with the internet where anything can be a point of attention. So in a developmental milestone of a baby or toddler, he or she could find out that through internet connecting gadgets, own thoughts can be shared with everyone, and here comes the idea of a blog.

What is a Blog?

As a blog is related to the internet its an online journal, magazine or website, where people write their ideas, thoughts, day to day experiences, personal knowledge regarding a particular field in a timely manner. In a blog, these writings are appearing in reverse order, with the latest appearing first.

Technically it’s a platform where publishers or writers share their views on a particular topic or current trends. Anyone can be a writer to start a blog.

What is the Goal of a Blog?

The purpose or goal of a blog is numerous but the basic point is to attract visitors on a specific subject or niche. A personal blog can be anything related to the writer’s talent and thoughts where the blogger wants to target his subject audiences and thereby gaining popularity. If visitors like and engage the blog articles they will usually follow or share the blog for future updates and refer to others. This will upscale the blogger’s mind to the next level where he would think for monetization of the blog.

Business Blogging is a relatively new idea to showcase business products and services to customers. All startup companies nowadays use business blogging to attain trust from their customers as blogging is an idea to keep connected to those potential customers with frequent updates and latest information.

No one can deny that at least 80% of the blogger’s goal is to make some money from blogging. and to achieve this you have to be a successful blogger. To become a successful blogger strong determination, profuse patience, and a mind to think in a unique way is necessary.

Another aspect to maintain a blog is for showing creativity as many artists do. Musician, dancer, Actors, etc maintain a personal web page or blog only to podcast their day to day career happenings.

Difference between Blog and website

After learning a little about what is a blog you may wonder why I am reading this whereas a website is enough as website also serves the same purpose of a blog.

As in literature terminology, all nomenclatures indicate some difference within the same category, blogs and websites also have some distinctive philosophy which separates each other.

  • A website serves static contents compared to blogs that post articles daily or in a timely manner. Visitors often follow a blog due to this fact that he would like to enjoy upcoming updates from the blog. whereas many websites display the same for years and their webmaster even forget when did they last update the site
  • Blog posts are like a book and more authentic to users. It displays date, time of post, updated date, social share numbers, comments, and writer’s details including his/her social establishment. In fact, a bonding happens between a blog and it’s users where they use to like, comment and share. A website is static and the current trend is that people hardly trust any website on the first view due to the spammy nature of some traps sitting on the web.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the art of running a blog. Though I have used the word “art” for a technical thing the word really suits the term blogging where coordinations of skills and technical knowledge are essential to properly maintain a blog

practically blogging refers to mastering web page design and publishing, sharing, and linking articles by using available tools in an easy and systematic method.

Why blogging is popular?

The popularity of blogging grows exponentially in recent years for many facts. penetration of broadband internet in remotest villages and easy cheap availability of internet along with affordable smartphones have made smooth access of word wide webs. if a blogger can write in his blog the same way a visitor can comment on the blog and in this way desire to open a new blog by a visitor kicks in. So more and more people are showing interest in blogging.

Inspired by many successful bloggers and reading their journey to success every visitor might have thought even once to start a blog which may lead to creation of another blog and the chain continues.

News agencies are using blogging platforms for easy article posting, sharing, and commenting options. Blogs are becoming widely used tools of news agencies for collecting opinions or engaging their audiences.

For many families blogging is the primary source of income. A properly tuned and optimized blog with strong writings can give any blogger more than his salary and in fact, many bloggers have left their jobs and happily earning a lot with a boss free life.

Due to rising fasion of unemployment in some countries like India, people are searching for alternative sources of income and blogging can be a good choice which only needs a computer, the internet and of course a mind to show into the world.

Businesses run a blog in addition to their corporate website for listening to their customers, exposing their products and updating information as to when required

Blog Structure

The skeleton of a blog is more or less same with Html. we use head, body, footer in Html. a simple Html code is shown below

<html><!-- Start of Html tag
<head> <!-- Start of head tag
</head> <!-- CLose of head tag
<body> <!-- Start of body tag inside body all contents are shown
</html><!-- close of html tag

A blog consists of the following components containing a predefined list of contents.

  • Header containing Logo, navigation menu, social share links, search box etc
  • main content for posts or pages
  • Sidebar for secondary navigations and widgets like latest post, social profiles
  • Footer for about the blog, privacy policy , disclaimer , or footer navigation
what is blog
blog diagrammatic structure

Queries related to Blogger

Every human being is a potential blogger and you should be accustomed to terms related to blogger and clear about the queries like whom can be called a blogger, the workload of blogger, earning possibilities of a blogger, technical skils of a blogger, etc..

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is a person who runs and maintains a blog. Through the blog, he or she delivers his opinion in subjects he knows and targets visitors interested in those subjects.

Passions to be a blogger

Most people today are passionate to be a blogger for various reasons. we can speak or express our stories via the internet to a large group of people and this instigates people to create a blog.

People come to know through another blogs the immense possibilities of a blogger who can earn money, fame, experiences, social dignity.

It’s not hard to be a blogger if you point the path in the right direction. Google is the solution for every stall you face in that right way. Everyone is a master in a particular field and by utilizing this one can be a successful blogger.

Workload of Blogger

As every entity is a result of the initial hard work blogs also follow the same. You have to create a blog after your determination and self promises to keep busy at least 4 hours a day in the blog. many people start a blog but can not maintain it due to domestic problems or nonavailability of free time.

Once you have created the blog and you are ready with content to post you must give at least an hour daily. Contents can be anything like related to your job, your studies, your travel experiences, cooking skills, gaming, computing, etc and to say that in every step of life u have content to post.

Create a blog and indulge in it minimum an hour a day and trust me, one day you will smile on your own with ease of satisfaction when people would start responding to your post.

Are bloggers paid?

Yes, bloggers are paid. But only a handful of bloggers are paid with hefty amount and we can call them as successful bloggers.

Remember you should never ever start blogging in an idea to earn money. Once you have established your blog in this crowded internet, then only you can start thinking of monetization by implementing various methods.

As a beginner in this field and while reading this just put in mind that yes you will definitely earn money from your blog but when your blog performance permits you.

First Build and rank your blog on a niche or keyword in google and when you get lots of traffic do implement AdSense. In this way, you will never disappointed and frustrated as lots of newbies apply monetization techniques at the beginning and at last they have to cry for failure or blocking of monetization channels.

Google Adsense doesn’t approve a site that has no meaningful content to users. A newly applied google AdSense using a site with low-quality content and with no visitors will surely be rejected.

My advice and no doubt everyone would, follow established rules, earn money and be a star on the web.

Required technical skills

To be a blogger you don’t need engineering or computer degrees. I have seen many successful bloggers who have even left their schools at the secondary level.

Bloggers can use blogging platforms. what is a blogging platform? it’s the medium through which you can post articles. Facebook is a social platform and we only have to write and post on facebook. Same way in blogging platforms we can write and post. it’s so simple and easy.

In a blogging platform, you can write in backend and all other technical stuff are guidable through a simple interface.

How to start?

As you are reading this article you may wish to start blogging and this is a big chapter that will be covered in detail in another post.

Health aspects of bloggers

Though it may be irrelevant to talk about the health of bloggers it is a rising concern due to the higher number of metabolic diseases seen especially in person with less physical activities. These things are discussed in a separate topic.

How to mantain health while blogging

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